Thursday, December 14, 2006

Quebec's pundits are WRONG

I'm sorry. I'm tired of Quebec pundits. Because, really, they get it wrong.

Paul Wells (blessed be his name) gets it right today. He writes:

But why is it that, on the very existential questions that cut closest to the distinctive hearts of Quebecers, Quebec's homegrown pundit class is so consistently wildly wrong about the reactions of ordinary Quebecers?

No kidding. As my brother Mike pointed out, certain pundits have been making a ponderous although somewhat zig-zagging evasive maneuver.

And, as our beloved Paul once earlier observed, the elites are wrong. The Quebec pundits (Chantal . . . .) are wrong.

The Liberal party is back as the Federalist option in Quebec. The Tories, given their behaviour this last year, are out. Dion is a good standard bearer.

We will triumph, the chattering nabobs of Quebec notwithstanding.


canuckistanian said...

couldn't agree more. i lost alot of respect for chantal over this nation business. she seems blinded by her own ideology...needless to say, not good journalism. her diatribes against dion were laughable. in a way, i am glad that iggy hopped into bed with quebec nationalists, cause it merely reconfirmed that they are utterly useless electorally and dangerous to the unity of the nation (sigh, yes canada). they deserve a long time-out in the political wilderness.

Mike B said...

The Quebec elites want to be the sole source for information about what Quebecers want/need/feel:

"Don't ask them what they want, they don't know what they want. Ask us, we'll tell you what they want".

When federal leaders listen to them, well, we all know where that ends up going.