Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cynical on Same Sex Marriage

This is even worse. Apparently they're going to limit debate to a few hours, to "get it over with" so that they can move on, according to the Tory House Leader. Not only, then, do they know that the motion is going to fail, but the want to make it fail as quietly as possible.

And they wrap themselves in the "we made a promise" excuse. Stronach attacked them today: "Does the Prime Minister believe that same-sex marriage has in any way had a negative impact on our society or on traditional marriage, and if so, could he explain how?" The only response was "We made a promise." (They made promises about income trusts, too.)

It's ridiculous. A quick, prefunctory debate on fundamental rights just so that the Tories can throw a bone to their hard right supporters and say they kept a promise.

Does anyone think the right-wingers are that stupid? They all know that the Gov isn't really serious about SSM; they know that they're making this motion reluctantly.

We saw down here the disillusionment of evangelicals who realized that deep down, the Republicans think they're stupid. Harper's making the same mistake here.

That said, of course, where else will they go? All American politians have to talk about religion and how they love Jesus, so an evangelical can in some good conscience vote Democrat. Not so in Canada. The only party full of nutjobs (not that the Libs don't have a few) is the Tories.


wilson61 said...

I don't get it. Help me out here and tell me why
Liberals suck up to Muslims and condemn Christians. Both believe in 'one man one women' marriage.

Dean P said...

Help me out by actually making a coherent sentence that means something. What are you trying to argue?

And I know plenty of Christians that are pro same-sex marriage. My parents, for example. And most of the people I work with (but then, soulless lawyer and christian is an oxymoron).

Maybe you're simplistic enough to see the world in such black and white logic. See my posting above on stupid comments.

Mike B said...

Yeah, there are so many other shades here. Conservatives 'suck up' to Muslims as well and...well..you know, this is such an idiotic comment to respond to, don't know why I even started. Comment boards, bane of the blogger.