Friday, December 15, 2006

Following God's Law in NJ, not THE Law

Apparently there are some who still have the belief that what's in the Bible trumps what the law says.

In NJ, the Legislature just passed a bill permitting civil unions granting all the same rights as marriage, after the NJ Supreme Court told the Legislature that it had to do something to grant same-sex couples the same rights as opposite couples, though it could call them marriage or civil union or whatever.

Well, that was a little much for one Republican, Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer, who voted against the bill, and said that the bill was an affront to the Bible, and that “this is one time that I cannot compromise my personal beliefs and faiths.”

I'm sure no one checked if he was wearing mixed fabric or had eaten shrimp or had asked if he was into stoning adulterers, as the Bible also requires.

Don't get me wrong, I think that only marriage is enough and that separate-but-equal sucks, but then, given the rabid homophobia that distinguishes this apparently-great Republic from the rest of the civilized world (gay marriage is banned in what, 45 or so states?), I'll take what we can get.

But this little Republican shows what's wrong with politics. What the Supreme Court says is the law is the law. It isn't the job of some mad Christian (or Muslim or Jew) to say that, no, God trumps that.

I believe that legislators take a vow to defend the Constitution. Well, he just broke it.

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Anonymous said...

America and U.K. and all English speaking countries in the world have been established by descendents of Mannasseh and Ephraim (sons of Joseph, grandsons of Jacob) and the house of Israel (not the country Israel we know of today). Therefore we have a duty to uphold God's Law. Further Blackstone's Law dictionary states that any legislation that contravenes God's Law is of no effect.

btw you cannot follow the constitution AND God's Law (Deut 4:2)