Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dumb People at Airport

This is beyond stupid. Apparently some woman at the airport put her baby in the x-ray machine.

She should be thrown in jail and her kid taken away not for child endangerment but simply because she's freakin' brain dead. (Aside: stupid people like her are allowed to marry and have kids; I'm not.)

Apparently she was an "inexperienced traveller."

I don't care if you've never been on a bloody airplane in your life--what kind of moron is so oblivious to the universe that it would make sense to put a baby in an XRAY machine?

The stupidity of people at airports, though, knows no bounds. How many times have you been stuck behind some fool who stands in line for security, and then, at the last second, realizes s/he has to take everything off and out of the pockets and then stands there flailing for ten minutes? And how many times have you been in line behind some woman who's covered in jewelry and accessories and fancy belts? (LA is particularly bad for that; there must be more accessories here per capita than any place on earth). I mean, who on earth doesn't understand airport security?

Honestly, people should have security passports. Once you've had fifteen stamps, earned when you pass through security quickly and without setting off the detector, you should get a special line.

And idiots who put their babies through security or don't realize that metal sets off the metal detector should never be allowed to fly again.


A BCer in Toronto said...

Different lines would be nice. I travel frequently for work and I always have my jacket off, pockets cleared, shoes off and laptop out before I get to the front of the line. It's beyond annoying standing there waiting for someone who decides to wait till they're at the head of the line before emptying their pockets.

Cherniak_WTF said...

"This was an innocent mistake by an obviously inexperienced traveller"

Enough said.
Fish out of water - that's all

decoin said...

throw the dummy in jail, and her kid with her!

Dean P said...

Cherniak_wft: "Fish out of water"? What sort of excuse is that? What kind of rock do you have to live under to NEVER have encountered an x-ray device? Even if you'd never seen one, you must have the idea that the things on the conveyor belt are being scanned, it's a dark chamber, and all the people are going through a different device. Maybe not best for baby.

And better yet, the devices are PLASTERED with warning signs saying "don't stick your arm in here." So not only is she blindingly stupid, she also can't read.

Given that natural selection is all but dead in the west, we need to enforce some darwinism. She should just be shot. In the natural world, she clearly would have been eaten by a tiger, stomped on by a hippo, or would have eaten something poisonous by now. Just because we're all modern doesn't mean that we should clean up the gene pool now and then.

I'm sorry. The ability of people to completely misuse products and do stupid things and then blame external factors for it infuriates me (like the woman who sued for spilling her McDonald's coffee).