Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You scratch my back...

So, Charest has cancelled his party's convention for late March. With Andre "Snowflake" Boisclair floundering, it is expected that Charest will announce an election for March 26th.

Finance Minister Flaherty is expected to table a budget on March 20th, widely expected to deliver the 'fiscal imbalance correction' that Quebec seeks, thus setting up Charest for a nice little boost in the final week of the campaign.

This presumes that the timing of these events is not a coincidence. I think that's a safe bet.

So if Harper and Charest are co-ordinating their schedules so nicely to ensure a federalist victory in Quebec, what is Harper getting out of the deal, other than the gratitude of Quebec federalists? Will this translate into more Conservative votes in the next federal election? Is Charest (informally) giving him his campaign machine for a federal election? Does Harper already have access to this?

Idle speculation. What, you expect facts from a blog?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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