Thursday, February 01, 2007

Religion is not a reason to kill your child

I have absolutely no problem with BC seizing three of those sextuplets and requiring transfusions, over the objections of their parents.

Now, don't get me wrong. Once you're 18, or even, say, 16, and you want to refuse medical treatment in the name of your religion, or you want to do strange things to yourself, no problem. If you're stupid enough to let yourself die because you believe that some dude sitting up on a cloud actually gives a shit whether you have a transfusion or not, or whether you ate the cracker that--poof!--became the body of Christ while you chewed on it, fine. No problem. We don't need stupid people like you cluttering up the gene pool anyway.

But you have absolutely no right to make that decision for anyone. Anyone. Especially not month-old babies who haven't had the chance to decide whether or not their parents' religion is crap. You may think your daughter is being "violated" (as the father said), but that doesn't give you the right to decide whether she would think that. And anyway--if God's gonna send you to hell because you were a month old and had a transfusion to save your life, well, what a fucking nasty god.

So much shit gets done to kids in the name of religion: genital mutilation comes to mind, honour killings, refusing treatments. Kids can't consent. Adults can. Adults can decide whatever shit they want, but imposing it on their kids is criminal.

These idiot parents should be locked up for trying to refuse treatment for their kids, and anyone who goes on about freedom of religion should see how much they like it if someone else were to decide that god wants them to die rather than have a fucking asprin.

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