Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stupid People

Okay. First off, I'm very pro-choice. i won't even get into that.

But some woman suing because the doctor didn't tell her that the 5-week old fetus in her was a human being, and that this caused her great distress, is complete nonsense.

In 2004, the plaintiff sued her doctor for medical malpractice, arguing that abortion providers have a duty to tell their patients that the fetus or embryo they are carrying is "a complete, separate, unique and irreplaceable human being" and that the "abortion did not prevent a human being from coming into existence but actually killed an existing human being."

I'm sorry, but people should have no right to profit out of their own stupidity. As one of the NJ Supreme's Justices pointed out, didn't she know that if she did nothing, in 8 months there would be a baby? Apparently, her lawyer responded, "she didn't know biology."

I can't decide what to say. Part of me thinks that if you don't have the intelligence to realize that yes, if you don't get an abortion, eventually a baby will happen, then you damn well shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion. But you shouldn't be allowed to be out in public or drive a car or anything either, unless we force you out into public and hope that Darwin takes care of you.

And the other part of me thinks that this constant shielding of people from their own stupidity has to stop. We do everything for the lowest common denominator. All signs and instructions in public places cater to idiots. How many warning labels do you see these days that say things like "do not iron clothing while wearing it" or something equally silly? We coddle people and allow them to not think by providing instructions and warnings for everything, paying ridiculous attention to safety (see Andrew Coyne's recent rants about those concerned with the dangers of tobogganning and playing hockey).

Really, we could solve so many of our overcrowding issus if we would just let people act on their own stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

Okay. I agree with almost everything you say in this entry. But seriously, is there ANYONE who hasn't put on a freshly ironed shirt and then touched it up while the iron was hot?