Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ut incipit sic fidelis permanet

According to Ian Urquhart, "For whatever reason, MPs from this province [Ontario] adopt a pan-Canadian view once they arrive in Ottawa and seem vaguely embarrassed by parochial issues."

Well, thank god. That's what the Federal Parliament is for. It's the National Parliament, not the Council of the Federation. Not some regional assembly where the vultures from the provinces come to pick over the carcass of the Federation. Let the Premiers speak for the provinces.

But every man and woman that comes to Ottawa should always put Canada over their province. The governance of Canada isn't achieved by individuals coming to fight only for their province. It's achieved by people putting aside the need for better treatment for minions in Medicine Hat and thinking about what makes the country better.

Ontario has always been that way, and she should always remain that way. Loyal, always, to Canada.

Of course, the fact that Ontario considers Canada merely an extension of Ontario is probably the reason for that.