Friday, February 09, 2007

Celebrating Discrimination.

This clip from Boston Legal on gayness is awesome. Hits so many points perfectly.

"Only in America, only in a country that overtly and notoriously celebrates its prejudice against a class of people by proposing constitutional amendments."

Well. No kidding. For how long did Americans brag to the world about slavery, and embrace it, even long after it was abolished throughout the Empire? For how long did Americans embrace segregation, long after the rest of the world ditched it (or never had it in the first place)? Let's not talk about torture.

And for how much longer with Americans proudly debate banning gays from marriage, while the rest of the world moves on?

Land of the free, my fucking ass. Americans brag about how they're the freest country on earth. Get real. The US never has been, except for rich, straight, white men. They've had it good. Watch the clip.


rabbit said...

Perhaps a little history is in order. In June 1999, the government of Jean Chretien introducing a bill reaffirming that marriage is...

"the union of one man and one woman
to the exclusion of all others."

It passed by an overwhelming majority, including the vote of someone called Stephane Dion.

Since then, the Liberals have (mostly) changed their minds. That's fine - people are allowed to change their minds. But it's best not to forget that the Liberals are now vehemently criticizing a position that they so recently fully supported. It's a bit rich, and a bit soon, to do that.

Dean P said...

First off, it was a meaningless resolution and nothing more. It wasn't a Bill. Get your terms right.

And you must be a Tory. I mean, my posting had NOTHING to do with Liberals. But Canada's New Government can't say that today is Friday without saying that the prior Liberal government had done something bad about Fridays.