Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Further to the islamic world needing a reality check

I really had no idea so many people died because of The Satanic Verses. It's a freaking book, people.

Here's the reverse logic: Any time any muslim does anything islamic that offends the West, we get to do whatever we want to anyone who's a muslim. Next time some idiot blows himself up in Jerusalem, we get to burn kebab stores in Calgary. We get to riot and burn down embassies. We get to call for the execution of everyone in that person's family.

Really, Sam Harris is right: All religions are bad. Islam is worse.

I'm sure we'll get some PC person saying how no, Islam is a religion of peace. Right. Just like during the Crusades, and during the Inquisition, and the Marian Terror, it was tenable to say that Christianity was a religion of peace.

Hurry up please and have a Reformation and an Enlightenment. And lose the chip on your shoulder. Big boys can handle an insult. Children throw tantrums.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is important to differentiate between religions (the organizations) and faith (the personal beliefs).

Faith is not wrong, nor do I believe that the Christian faith is dangerous. But any situation where someone is placed in a position of 'speaking on behalf of god' is a dangerous one. That is why certain Christian sects do not even have a pastor or minister, preferring instead to make all decisions by a group of 'elders' and remain independent of any other church.

So, while organizations/religion may be bad, the beliefs are not necessarily.