Friday, February 09, 2007

Why do we care about Anna Nicole Smith

Honestly. Are people so absolutely pathetic that the goings on of a barely literate ex stripper matter?

I love, from the California Federal Court opinion, this about her:

Vickie dreamed of becoming the personification of her idol, Marilyn Monroe. Both became international superstars, traveling far from home under assumed names. Norma Jean's fame thrust her into the arms of an American baseball icon and a dashing young politician, while Vickie Lynn found herself in the company of a Texas oil baron. But her notoriety never reached the same heights or longevity. Her life is best described as that of a person who was rescued by her wealthy pursuer and taught to spend money at a breathtaking pace that most Americans cannot fathom. While she detested being thought of as a gold-digger, her actions leave little doubt that money was the central facet of her relationship with J. Howard. Her appetite for money, once developed, was incessant and outlandish by everyday standards.

Vickie appeared before the Court to testify for three days. Her communication skills were poor as she frequently had trouble engaging counsel. Her illiteracy is striking. Examples are too numerous to chronicle but include writing " 25.00" meaning 2,500 and "4500,00" meaning $4,500--she testified that she has trouble with zeros. In fact, she has only recently started learning to pay her own bills after years of managers and relatives managing her money. Vickie also finds herself in difficult times and is being treated for depression.

In re Marshall, 275 B.R. 5, 19 (C.D. Cal. 2002).

And my favourite was from CNN saying it was an "unexpected and tragic development" for her. Well, no shit.

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Suzan said...

I did not care about her until I saw her a few days ago on an interview where she appeared to be almost unconscious. The change from her vibrant self was unbelievable. She looked as if she needed help, but H.Stern was standing by her side as if everything was normal. 2 days later she is dead. Was no-one there to help her? A victim of circumstance. Why would she go on national TV looking so horrible. We care because there are so many unanswered questions.