Friday, March 30, 2007

Why do we care??

Why does this make the news? If the headline were "Woman thanks green space aliens for recovery from cancer," we would laugh and expect to see it on the News of the World or some similar sort of tabloid.

And, you'll notice the article is completely devoid of any kind of substantiation.

I agree with Dan Savage (this is a vague nonsequitor): How come so many people ignore the pope when he goes on about blowjobs and abortion and what not, but then fall over and genuflect when he speaks about gay rights? As Savage says,

Unless straight people are prepared to limit their sexual rights, freedoms, and expression and live in as the Pope would like you to—no birth control, no blowjobs, no pre-marital sex, no yoga—then straight people should stop making an elaborate show of deference and respect for the Pope’s delicate feelings when it comes to my sexual rights, freedoms, and expression. Ignore the Pope or not. But don’t ignore him when he has something to say about your sexual conduct and then prick up your ears when he’s got something to say about mine.

No kidding. Wine turns to blood, or it doesn't. It doesn't do so in Rome but not in Canterbury.

It amazes me that we tolerate such nonsense because it's religion, when really, if you took the pronouncements of the religious and said that they came from The Blue Egg faith, or the Church of the Holy Block of Cheese, those same people would look at you like you were a lunatic.

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