Friday, March 09, 2007

Jean in Afghanistan

Recall back in January, the Commons Defence Committee made a visit to Afghanistan. They were quite upset and vocally so, when they realized that they would be restricted to main base . They wanted to go abroad and see what our troops were up to in the field, their living conditions, and the status of reconstruction projects. The local commander had received instructions, obstensibly from the PMO, that they were not allowed to leave. The argument went that they were 'a high value target', resources were not available to transport and defend them, and it was safer to remain on the base.

So we have now, Governor-General Michaelle Jean in Afghanistan, and in addition to visiting the main base, she is visiting forward operating bases, inspecting troops in the field, meeting local Afghan leaders and seeing the results of reconstruction efforts.

The PMO didn't see any need to stop her. And if Jean, our Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Canadian Forces is not a 'high value target', then I don't know what is.

Which means the excuse the PMO offered for restricting the Defence Committee from going abroad is complete bunk.

An alternative explanation is that the PMO tried to stop her, and she told them where to stick it.

I'd much prefer to run with the latter.

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