Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thank god for a boring culture

There are many days I'm glad I'm western, I'm Canadian, I consider myself absolutely Canadian, my family has no knowledge whatsoever where we came from. I'm glad I'm boring. We have no cultural grudges. I don't see people from some ancient ancestral enemy ethnic group. This article is proof why I'm glad.

And I believe, to the depth of my heart, that the point of coming to Canada is giving up those things. It is not becoming the same as everyone else. But it is giving ancient hatreds. It is giving up customs that need to yield to the Charter (e.g. women in Burkhas, etc). We have a few basic values in Canada, and becoming Canadian means accepting them.

But I say this: If we find our glorious, wonderful, improbable country becomes a battleground whereby different warring groups bring their battles here, I say throw them all out.

A mari usque ad mare.


Manuel said...

That statment should be supported by everyone 100%

canuckistanian said...

was this dispute strange and foolish??? yes. nevertheless, i take umbrage with the explicit ethnocentrism of your analysis. yes, immigrants should not bring "ancient hatreds" to our country (duh).

Dean P said...

"explicit ethnocentrism"? Huh. I'm sorry--I didn't take any airy-fairy social studies classes in university, so you might have to explain that. Nor did I take "politics of outrage 101."

The point is that groups do bring their shit to Canada. I don't care whether it's ethnic groups fighting each other here, or whether it's religious practices that are incompatible with basic Charter values.

What sort of ethnocentrism (whatever that means) is that?