Wednesday, March 21, 2007

God and Gays

From today's Post, Harold Meyerson makes some good points.

First, further to yesterday's post about no politician wanting to stand up for us, he relays this:

Sen. Hillary Clinton, when first asked if homosexuality was immoral, answered that it was for "others to conclude," before righting herself to say that she didn't think being gay was immoral. Sen. Barack Obama, according to Newsweek, avoided a direct answer three times before coming to his senses and disagreeing with Pace. The spokesperson for Sen. John "Straight-Talk Express" McCain said that "the senator thinks such questions are a matter of conscience and faith for people to decide for themselves." Such political and moral contortions are hardly confined to presidential candidates.

WHAT. THE. FUCK. Hillary Clinton, saying it was for "others to conclude" that being gay is or is not immoral? First, that's typical Hillary bullshit, wanting to be all things to all people. Any nonrepublican nonasshole should have absofuckinglutely no hesitation in saying "That's hogwash." I can't even see Stephen Harper hesitating there. Maybe Vic Toews, but that's it.

He also makes the great point that clearly religion isn't working too well with regard to homos. After all, if it becomes clear there is at least some biological basis for homosexuality, then you have the contradiction that God is churning out homos, meaning he must at least intend to make them, but then condemning them to hellfire. Good stuff. Clear intelligent design.

Which brings me to the amazing Dan Savage. I love the man. In his recent column, he points out that women and men aren't really all that compatible, since women tend to want chocolate and love and men want to fuck (with exceptions). Clearly, that's not intelligent design:

Hey, intelligent design idjits? If God really wants us to have heterosexual sex only, and then only within the bounds of holy matrimony, and if adultery offends Him so much—it's a stoning offense, right up there with gay sex—how come He designed men and women to be sexually incompatible?

Well, I should say that He designed straight men and straight women to be sexually incompatible. Lesbian couples, with their bags of Doritos, and gay couples, with our mutually insatiable sexual appetites, seem pretty intelligently designed. Thank you, Jesus!

Indeed, thank you Jesus!

In the meantime, God thumpers, I can't wait for you to square the circle that if God makes us gay, whe the hell is he automatically damning us to hell?

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