Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sanjaya Must Be Stopped

I completely agree with this blogger. While it is completely unlikely that we'll manage to stop the hoards of teenage girls (and Dan Savage) who love him and think he's the hottest thing since, well, god knows, Jon Swift makes a great point:

Intervention by the Supreme Court. They should step in immediately to stop the
voting and kick Sanjaya off the show. There is, of course, precedent for the Court's taking action when votes seem to be going the wrong way: the landmark Bush v. Gore decision.

One note, of course: The Bush v. Gore decision specifically stated it couldn't be used for other cases. I'm sure that was to stop godless liberal heathens from using it, but my, the consequences. Had they only known that seven years later, their intervention would desperately be needed . . .


Anonymous said...

I agree that sanjaya needs to go home,it,s not fair that the real talent gets sent home,and it is not fair to the true voters because we put in our time and energy when every week that kid does not even end up in the bottom three!

jmc59 said...

tbyI agree that sanjaya needs to stop and go home.he is not what the competition is about.true talent is being tossed aside for what? on last weeks show,he already went to sit down before ryan told him he was even safe.if he wins,i will no longer watch the show!

Mike B said...

There is true talent on American Idol?

If people will no longer watch the show if Sanjaya wins, then I whole-heartedly support Sanjaya. Whatever hastens the demise of American Idol is a good thing in my books.