Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why do straights hate the gays?

First, apologies for the lack of posts. Mike and I were skiing in Mammoth with many hundreds of our closest homo skiing friends. We managed to survive, no injuries, and let me tell you, spring skiing in California is amazing. We were in tshirts, I'm sunburned, and a fantastic time was had by all, save for a few horrified straight people.

But, on to my point. This article appeared today in the LA Times. And I agree with it. No doubt there will be many who say that no, not all straights hate the homos, and that is certainly true, at least for those of us who cling to the Coasts or the Canadian border and live in big cities.

The problem is, those people are drowned out by the people who hate us. Think Peter Pace. Sure, he was sort of vaguely condemned by politicians, but imagine if he'd said what he'd said about blacks or jews or something. He'd be fired instantly. Where are the calls for his resignation from nongay organizations?

Where are the straight politicians who actually will stand up for us? Where are they who would cry out against the anti-gay-marriage amendments that the electorate love? Where are they who stand up and say that looking out for our equal rights is the good thing to do?

They aren't there. We're the first group jettisoned by any politician on the left, and the first group attacked by any politician on the right. We're supposed to feel grateful when we get half equality--when we're given domestic partnerships, instead of full marriage equality. We're supposed to feel okay when there's don't-ask-don't-tell, because that's better than not being allowed to serve at all, but who stands up and says that equality should be the goal?

No one.

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Simon said...

Right on. I agree with you completely. Although I have to admit I'd hate to be stuck in an elevator with grumpy old Larry...I can only imagine what kind of lecture I'd get...and he can go on and on and on ... :)
But nothing can change the truth that if the same insults were thrown so casually at any other group there would be hell to pay.
However, I should warn you, when I said more or less the same thing a few posts ago...I got it from both sides...their side and ours...