Monday, May 08, 2006

Sullivan the apologist

I'm really over Andrew Sullivan's constant willingness to see the good in the Republican party.

For years, he defended the Bush administration, and then came up with this belated semi-mea culpa which still sounds like he loves the Bushies.

And so he's happy - Condoleeza Rice was nice, once, to a transgendered person. Dick Cheney, in spite of his party's record on gay rights (ahem, Marriage Amendments), is nice to his daughter and hasn't disowned her. Bush has some gay friends.

Great. Well done. So we'll ignore the fact that the Republican party happily wants to pass anti-gay laws, brings up the gay card every single election, and we'll forgive Bush and Cheney and Rice for not taking a leading role in their parties - all because they were all sweet and gave someone a pat on the head. It's like someone who announces he things minorities should be kicked out of the country, but then says, "Oh, but some of my best friends are black."

Give it up, Sullivan. Every time you open your mouth to say abusive things about Democrats, and to find some hidden silver lining in Republican policy, you get more delusional. You hearken back to the "old Republican party" - which you claim is the party of freedom or some other nonsense. So what are you looking back at? Ronald "Ignore AIDS" Reagan?

Keep you head in the sand, buddy. It's worked all this time for you.

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