Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Budget and Students

As a graduate student who receives a scholarship from the government, and then gets wacked at tax time when the government claws a big chunk of it back, this is the single best news for students I've yet heard in a budget as far as I can remember.

-Elimination of current $3,000 limit on amount of scholarship, bursary and fellowship income a post-secondary student can get without paying federal income tax

The limit made sense when tuition was $750, and a $3000 scholarship satisfied most of a student's needs. Nowadays, tuition exceeds $6000 on average, and scholarships have increased to compensate.

Martin was hounded on this issue by the Canadian Federation of Students, he said he supported the idea as Finance Minister but never acted on it, and when he became PM? Lost amid the bajillion priorities that were The Most Significant in a Generation.

So amid the bad tax cuts and the dumb tax cuts, I'm quite pleased with this little jewel.

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