Wednesday, May 24, 2006


In an interview with Macleans, Liberal leadership hopeful Maurizio Bevilacqua mentions his extensive travels from coast to coast in Canada. Coast to coast? Um, excuse me, only two coasts? He failed to include the popularized-by-Martin-and-now-mandatory 'coast to coast to coast' ! And this man wants to lead the Liberal Party? The party of inclusion? He's finished, I tell you, finished!

We need a leader who represents change! Generational change! Renewal and national unity! Coast to coast may have sufficed in the past, but in the new modern productive Canada of the 21st century, ready to compete on equal terms with Chindia, our leaders and aspiring leaders must recognize that we are a nation stretching from coast to coast to coast. Including the coast of Hudson Bay, because it's still ocean, and all the coasts around the Arctic islands that are now coasts, because of, you know, the global warming and icepack thawing and all that. And the Great Lakes coasts. Because they are borders. Kinda.

On a more serious note...he makes interesting comments about his rather surprising exclusion from cabinet. He seems to blame it all on the with-us-or-against us Martinites, but then turns around and lays it all on Martin's feet.

Perhaps Martin preferred three-coasters in his cabinet.

Just a hunch.

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