Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Harper moves against one of the Ks

Lawrence Martin put forward the four Ks as Harper's weak points (or as Chantal Hebert would have it, his four Achilles' Heels):

Kyoto, Kandahar, Kelowna and Kids.

With It-Girl at the climate change conference this week, Harper seems to be managing the country's abandonment of K1, Kyoto, with a minimum of fuss.

Now he's moving against K2, Kandahar, with some very clever politics. Harper has managed to outmanoever the Bloc and Liberals and place them in a very tricky spot.

K3 will be the next test. Just a thought, but I suspect Ignatieff will use federal-aboriginal relations and the abandonment of the Kelowna accord in his leadership campaign. First, he can't use the Afghan mission, he's vocally in support of it. Second, he's all about rights. And third, David Peterson is McGuinty's envoy to the current land-claim dispute in Caledonia. In an interview, he was quite adamant that the whole mess was the fault of the federal government. Hmm...David Peterson is also Ignatieff's campaign chair...


s.b. said...

Well it would be great if he would actually outline a concrete platform on anything.

Mike B said...

Yeah, it makes you long for the Martin days and his very concrete platforms on everything ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you miss the Ag's report on Indian affairs by the prvious liberal government yesterday? Yes plaese bring that up.

Anonymous said...

Hes not quite finished with Kyoto yet. Found out today that the on-site work experience program to help students and the under/unemployed find meaningful jobs has been axed. This program is quite well known for placements in environmental work with a 75% success rate (temporary jobs became permanent jobs). How the program worked: Employers identify new projects in the following fields:

. Environmental management
. Energy management
. Applying information technology
. Export development
. Occupational health and safety
. Quality management

ON-SITE provides pre-selected candidates to interview and hire.

But no longer. Thanks Stephen from all of us for standing up for Alberta/Quebec!

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