Friday, May 26, 2006

Religous Right using Mary Cheney

Americablog is reporting that the nutcases on the right are now using Mary Cheney for fundrasing. Great quote:

We have our work cut out for us as you know. In the past few weeks, the media have been filled with appearances by Mary Cheney and others who are working to undercut the importance of marriage to our survival as a society.The media have delighted in the fact that Vice President Cheney's daughter publicly opposes the very convictions that brought her father's political party into the White House.

Well, isn't that just peachey. But let's remember: When Kerry and Edwards brought it up in the election, she threw a hissy fit, as did all the Republicans. It was a-okay for them to demonize us homos, pass amendments, talk about how we were destroying families and turning us all into heathens, but it wasn't okay to say, um, some of you who say this have gay family.

Will the Cheneys come out, along with Dubya, Laura, and the whole GOP with the same comment: that her sexuality is private, her own business, go away?

I doubt it. We'll get the "we can't control fundraisers" or some nonsense like that.

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