Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Border Madness

The whole plan by Dubya to put national guard on the Mexican border is nonsense which, as the Post points out, is geared more for cameras than for reality.

But then, this is the Bush administration's MO: High, lofty rhetoric, with no results. No Child Left Behind: sounded good, great sound bites, but underfunded. Rebuilding in New Orleans - um. Uniter - right. This is the same thing - Bush is desperate to be seen to be doing something about the border "crisis" and he thinks a speech and a meaningless if expensive solution will present that image.

It also goes to my point about national security, below. There's no crisis. Nothing is any different than it was years ago. And those Mexicans coming across really aren't smuggling any weapons of mass destruction. But now all the white red-state rednecks, who hate the idea of anyone not-white and non-english speaking in the country (except when they're cleaning their back yards) don't have to seem racist - they can just say "National Security."

The idea that somehow we have to fix the border with Canada and Mexico to prevent terrorist attacks is hogwash and completely ignores the fact that it was the Americans who gave the 9-11 attackers visas and let them into the country lawfully.

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