Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Yet another thoughtful

and intelligent comment from the cro-magnosphere.

I love this comment: Dubya is "the first to offer aid, whether to the Iraqi people and their freedom. . . ."

Oh yes, Jonathon, the junta in Myanmar is decidedly not muslim. Funny, not all brown-skinned people--or dictators--are.

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Johnathon said...

Thanks for all the attention and you're right that I mistaken the junta in Burma for muslim when I should have noted they were Buddhist.

Same difference anyway with the main point being that Bush and the USA is always the first to offer aid and freedom, whether in Iraq or Burma.

He is the symbol of freedom and democracy and you leftards should appreciate him and his wonderful family.

And by the way, his gorgeous daughter Jenna is getting married to a man (yup, she's not a dyck) so I thought out of respect for the Bush family, you could do a nice long post about the upcoming heterosexual wedding.

P.S ( I want to get my own blog going to folly you liberals but if you promise to headline my comments on I can promise back that I won't get my blog up and running.)

Thank you and may God Bless America and all the coalition troops fighting for freedoms in that hell hole called the middle east.