Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hey Jonathon

Why don't you ask the Iraqis if they're so happy about the "freedom" which they were "offered" by Dubya?

See his nonsensical rant here, wherein he compares Buddhists to Islamic terrorists (you need to look at this post to get the link), talks about how George Bush (personally) is the first to offer aid "and freedom" to people around the world (just ask the Sudanese), how Dubya's daughter is beautiful and "not a dyck (sic)" and how Dubya is a symbol of freedom and we should respect his wonderful family.

Res ipsa.


Johnathon said...

Another article based on the alias now well known as Johnathon.

Thank you so very much and may the Lord be with you as he is with President Bush and his family as well as all the coalition troops in the War on Terror.

George Bush gave the Iraqis a chance for freedom. The Kurds in the north have embraced it, but the scumbags in the south have not. For reasons which are quite obvious, muslims don't want peace, security and a good life. All they want is homicide bombings, bloodletting, and just about anything else that has to do with violence.

But Dubya is still a genius. He has started a civil war which, with the help of coalition troops is bagging hundreds of terrorists per day.

What a great leader, crushing those scumbag muslims in their own land.

Maybe one day, the Iraqis will grow up, become civilized and will embrace the freedom that Dubya and Blair gave them by showing respect for human life, and not just homicide bombings.

I find it ironic that after WW2, the french(who surrendered like pussies), and the rest of Europe had nothing but thanks for the liberation and became a civilized unity almost instantly.

But in a muslim world, which we all know is just not normal, that might take 100 years.

Whatever it takes, Dubya will be seen as a liberator for getting rid of Chretien's friend Saddam and for giving those 3rd century humans a right to life, liberty and security.

Whether the idiots want it or not, I guess it's up to them.

The odds right now are 50/50 that they will not embrace freedom , but rather death and destruction.

Which ,ironically, is the way the rest of the muslim world maintains themselves.

God Bless America and all the coalition troops bagging muslims on a daily basis to keep North America from becoming another Saudi Arabia or any one of those "disturbing" nations.

P.S ( please post this comment as well, I really appreciate it.)

May God Bless Mike and his boyfriend.

Mike B said...

Aww, give Johnothon a break. This blog wouldn't be as much fun without our favourite 14-year old adding his hilariously witless commentary.