Thursday, May 08, 2008

SUCK IT, Charles de Gaulle

Sarko may have his issues, but at least "vive le Quebec libre" is being redeemed.

“You know we are very close to Quebec, but I'll tell you we also love Canada very much,” Mr. Sarkozy told Gov.-Gen. Michaëlle Jean as they paid homage to fallen Canadian soldiers from the Second World War.

“Our friendships and our loyalties do not oppose one another. We bring them together so each can understand what we have in common. We will turn toward the future so the future of Canada and France will be the future of two countries that are not only allies, but two friends.”

. . .

Mr. Sarkozy thanked Canada and the country's soldiers for making the “supreme sacrifice.”

“And those who died here, no one asked them from which region [of Canada] they came,” Mr. Sarkozy said.

“We knew from which country they came. We didn't even ask them which language they spoke.”

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