Thursday, March 27, 2008

Perhaps one day

The world will look back and wonder why the freest, most stable country in the world, one of the oldest continuous democracies, one of the tiny minority of states without civil war, that has never flirted with totalitarianism (or endorsed terrorism) was not given the Olympics, to be hosted in the most multicultural city on the planet.

One day.


Anonymous said...

Great Post. I remember all the threats against Athens for something as (expected) as construction delays . . . that is a perfect example of the double-standard going on now. Also, thanks for sharing an article by this particular writer.

Sally Jennings is one of my absolute favorite sports opinion writers ever - intelligent, thoughtful, and (on topics where it is appropriate) absolutely hilarious. She was really the first to make me realize a writer could comment on sports with skill and focus on topics beyond "who would be traded and why that's a good/bad idea." Love seeing her work again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should have been Sally Jenkins . . . not Jennings. I'm embarrassed ; ).