Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kady & Wells, also tag-teaming

We are big fans of tag-teaming, of course, but when the full power of our two favourite columnists gets applied to the Tories, we are truly smitten.

Much Paul and Kady, we think the whole attack by Flaherty on the Ontario budget to be a little bizarre. I mean, what can they hope to accomplish if they're trying to break into the Ontario electoral market? Although we Ontarians (even those of us who live in LA) aren't really very nationalist and don't ever see ourselves as Ontarians before Canadians (ut incipit sic fidelis permanet and whatnot), surely this will drive Tory sympathizers to the Liberals?

The only real rationale we could think of is that it's for consumption outside Ontario; i.e. "Look at those Liberals in Ontario, screwing everything up. That's why you should vote for us. Also, we're going to bat for you, because, Alberta, once Ontario becomes a have-not province, all your oil money will be going to support the pinko-latte-sipping-homo-commies in Toronto. And then it's only one step further to a new NEP."

But that just doesn't make any sense. Because the Liberal brand is pretty moribund in Alberta anyway.

Some might say it's just more of Harper's brand of corrosive, divide-and-destroy politics.


WesternGrit said...

Alberta is not where it's aimed. If it's for "outside consumption", then it's aimed at places like BC, Manitoba, and even the Atlantic Region, where there are still strongly Liberal-leaning voters, and a lot of Liberal seats. The Cons feel they can win an election WITHOUT ONTARIO. They may be right - as long as they increase numbers in all those other areas.

There is one more key here, as I blogged weeks ago: Flaherty is trying to lay the seeds of his own Premiership in Ontario. He wants it sooooo bad. He knows he'll never be federal leader of anything...

Mike B said...

He's also trying to give a boost to a few of his relatives running for office in Ontario.

Flaherty will never become Premier. As Paul Wells noted this week, he's the only man to have lost to both Ernie Eves AND John Tory.