Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Anthropological" argument against SSM totally PWNED!!!11!!!

Here is an awesome takedown of purportedly "anthropological" arguments against same-sex marriage (i.e. the contention that everywhere in the world the natural state of marriage is one-man one-woman.)

Worth reading, not least because it really highlights the fact that people mustering arguments against SMM just plain make up the facts.

Sort of like Republicans do generally.

Closing lines:

As an addendum, I call upon Focus on the Family to acknowledge they deceived their readers when they recently said anthropologists agree with the so-called “traditional definition of marriage” and issue a public apology and correction. They must honestly inform their readers that the American Anthropological Association has previously and publicly condemned attempts to exclude homosexuals from marrying, declaring that marriage, as defined cross-culturally, is inclusive of same-sex marriages. A failure to do so simply reaffirms the view that Focus on the Family is more concerned about its political agenda than its Christian identity.

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Anonymous said...

People couple whether it be living together or marriage - marriage was a "man made" ceremony.

Man decided what makes a married couple - not nature.