Saturday, March 22, 2008

Memo to the American Nation: You are pussies.

I'm sorry, America. You are fucking pathetic.

In 1939-45, we faced down the greatest threat to freedom that has ever existed. A force with real armies, a force that took over countries and destroyed cities and enslaved nations. And we fought them back--the combined power of the West and the USSR. And we (the West) did it without spying on our people, without torture, without forgetting who we were.

And now, some dude in a cave makes a pronouncement, and you fall all over yourselves, shitting your pants and cowering, duct-taping your houses, bowing down to your leaders, all-too-happy to surrender your freedoms, to turn on your neighbours, to give in to fear.

Fuck you.

You never faced what the world faced in the 40s. And I'll bet if you did now, you'd all die of fucking heart attacks.

Get some goddamn balls.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually people were turing their neighbors in to the governement in the 1950's and American born Japanese Americans were interned and their property taken in the 40's, so the analogy doesn't really work.