Friday, April 06, 2007

What's good for the goose. . .

I really can't wait to hear the gnashing of teeth from everyone in the West about how bad it is that those British sailors were blindfolded, kept in solitary confinement, and subjected to psychological pressures.

I call bullshit to any complaints. For years, the US and it's UK lackey have kept secret prisons, subjected detainees to all sorts of mental and physical tortures (sleep deprivation, humiliation, waterboarding come to mind), kept individuals in isolation (the Aussie Hicks, for example), and kept them blindfolded and earmuffed (how about that Jose Padilla, eh?)--and maintained the entire time that what they were doing was legitimate and permissible.

I'm sure some wacko will say, well, we're doing it to terrorists, they did it to innocent sailors, but let's get something straight: the objection is to the method, not the target. A way of treating someone is legitimate and permissible (and, er, legal), or it isn't.

So for anyone--any single person who at any point has thought that any of the outrageous and obscene things that have been done in the West's name was permissible--anyone who now stands up and berates Iran for its treatment of the Brits, I say to you: this is what you've wrought. Five years of disregard of international norms and common human decency give you no ground to stand on. Your conduct and support legitimized Iran's conduct (not that I'm defending it, of course.)

Oh, and in case any moron is reading this and thinks these are pictures of what the Iranians did to the Brits, get a fucking life.

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Carlos said...

When this stupid war began, I talked my american friends about the whole no sense of bombing Iraq. There was no relation bettew then (iraq), al qaeda and mass destruction weapon. That was obvious to brasilians...but I don't understand why, strange for americans... Five years later...

Great post.
Carlos - Empreendedorismo.

Sorry for the terrible English.