Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Danny Williams

Will you please just shut the fuck up?

Honestly, grow the fuck up. You're like some pathetic little child, throwing tantrums and throwing your toys around the moment you think someone did something wrong.

Get over it and grow up. You're the premier of a province with fewer people than most Toronto suburbs. This really highlights the whole silliness of the pathetic lip service we all have to pay that Canada is made up of 10 provinces of equal status all of whose opinions are of equal weight and deserve equal time.


Anonymous said...

Amen, to that, and how about someone, just say one MSM reporter, actually bothering to report the facts on this one and calling Mr Williams on his patent "liberties with the truth", shall we say. Honestly, this is all a sideshow to divert NL attention from the fact that there IS virtually no offshore resource development because of Danny's last meltdown. It's just sad... And THIS guy is at 74% in the polls? Well, I guess the flights to Calgary won't be cancelled any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Here! Here!