Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Give me a break, Sullivan

Quit with your Christian bullshit, Andrew Sullivan. Apparently, in re the horrific events at Virginia Tech, he has this to say:

"Vigil" seems the right response right now. Praying and watching. Blogging later.

Prayer? What, Sullivan--God's paying attention, and we should pray to him, because, really, even though he's omnipotent, and could have stopped those shootings, he didn't, hosanna?

But better yet: Let's keep in mind that the most steadfast opponents of gun control are Republicans. And let's also keep in mind your rabid support for Republicans.

Yes yes. I know you'll come back with some nonsense of real Republicanism. Nonsense. I don't buy your selfrighteous cafeteria Republicanism. It's dishonest. If you advocate for a party, you can't hold your nose up at portions of their platform. If that were allowed, then we would all be principled, and we no doubt would do so.

But for such the believer you were, and the advocate for them you were, you're guilty of all of their policies, not just the ones that you like.


Rudy Espinoza said...

You certainly are a strange fellow, getting all angry at somebody else's religious beliefs. It's not like he's sending his prayerful energy in your direction and wrecking your television signal or anything like that. I think this is a case of someone looking for something to be angry at. You're better off channeling all that frothy energy towards something more useful. Like gardening.

James Bowie said...

This is the most crass, insensitive, and offensive blog post I have ever seen. Most people wait at least a week after a mass killing before they turn it into a slanderous partisan issue.

The blog post you are criticising merely reports that vigils are taking places and offers prayers of support. To criticize that in a hateful and partisan fashion is despicable.

Delete this post. Try again when you're sober. The victims of the VT shooting were not killed by the Republican Party.