Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stop whining

Okay. About this Imus thing. I completely agree that what he said was awful. Bad. Yes.

But. The girls at Rutgers need to stop whining and being so goddamn sensitive. This whole bullshit culture of "I'm wounded" and "What you said hurt me in my heart" and "I feel demeaned" is just a little too much. What, some shock jock said something awful? Big freakin' deal. You need counseling because of it? You likely need a hell of a lot more, if that sort of thing demeans you.

And please. If every time someone said something bad about gay people, or, say, the leader of the country did, or politicians, or someone tried to pass yet another law banning gay rights, or, say, said that gay people are like suicide bombers destroying society, or that our happiness will lead to bestiality, or major Democratic candidates stopped short of repudiating the head of the army's comments that gay sex is immoral--if every time that happened, I said I was "wounded" and needed to meet with the perp and that I was hurt, well, I'd be a gibbering wreck of sobbing.

Get over it. Grow up. Get a spine. Stop being a fucking victim and start being a leader.

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