Friday, January 12, 2007

Wii, PS3, XBox 360--please advise

I've had a hell week. I've not been home since Thursday 9am. I think I clearly deserve a present. Only, which one to buy?


K.R said...

It all depends on what you're into, if you are looking for great shooters like Gears of War and looking for an online experience go for the xbox 360, if you are willing to look past lesser graphics and like interactivity and quirkiness in your games go for the Wii, lastly if you want top of the line best graphics best processor etc and can wait a few months till the great exclusives come out go get the PS3....I personally would go with either the xbox 360 or the Wii and wait a few months for the PS3 to mature a bit.

Tory@York said...

Well, depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you a Nintendo loyalist as I am I'd go for the Wii. If not for the new style of gameplay then for the fact that you can play original NES, SNES, N-64, gamecube, SEGA and Turbographx-16 games over the "Virtual console" Perfect for retro-gamers. Also an attractive price of 250-70 bucks. If you want hardcore graphics and mega-action/epic games go for the PS3. Expensive as hell, upwards of 600-700 bucks depending where you go. XBOX...I dont have much experience with the X-box 360 but I'm kinda biased against it anyways...Ive never liked either X-box seeing as how it was the (in my view) uppity newcomer to the gaming scene, Microsoft just throwing out a computor disguised as a console and expecting to dominate the market. Might as well buy a proper computor than a 360. Im grateful for the hundreds of hours of fun Nintendo gave me in my childhood, so I'll be going with the Wii myself. Hope this helps somewhat with a hard choice, and good luck.