Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fuck Off, Mr. Ambassador

So the Yankee Ambassador is up in arms that Canada might have some concern why one of its citizens is on their no-fly list.

I'm sorry. You take one of our citizens, whisk him off to Syria ("They gave us assurances" even though "we can't ask them to help in Iraq 'cos we can't trust a word they say"), let him be tortured for a year, and then chuck him on your no-fly list, and you get upset when we ask a few questions?

Welcome to the new America, folks. Don't question us. Don't ask us why we do these things to your citizens. Don't raise your voice in defence of your own people. If we decide to do something, you can go cry in the corner, we don't care.

And Americans wonder why the world hates them.


wilson61 said...

Judging by this post, you must be 100% behind PMSH with his stand against China, their (lack of) human rights and will be zipping up a post to get our Canadian citizen back!

Mike B said...

He's a threat to their security the security and reputation of the current administration and the bureaucrats at Homeland Security.

Arar is a source of embarrassment, and a trouble maker who dared fight back. Of course they'll keep him on their list. He can't go and speak at US universities, accept awards from human rights organizations, or testify before Congress.