Saturday, January 06, 2007

Harper on Hockey

There really is something sort of cool about the PM having a talk about hockey with a cute TSN announcer. I remember the Jeanfather talking on CBC when we won the 4x100 relay (Atlanta?), calling from a wedding, clearly tipsy. I like that too.

Could you imagine Dubya doing the same?


Anonymous said...

I don't get why people wet their pants because Harper likes hockey. A majority of Canadian love hockey so why is he so special.

All we need (yawn) is another history of hockey book.

Dean P said...

It's not that I'm excited he's a hockey fan, but rather just that sometimes I'm struck by how folksy Canada can be. The prime minister, giving hockey analysis, and talking to the TSN guy in a collegial way. You don't get that down here, unless it's the "aw shucks I'm a redneck like you" thing.