Thursday, October 05, 2006

When taking responsibility meant something

So Denny Hastert is going to "take responsibility" for Foley's bad behaviour.

Good for him

But there's one little thing: He's not stepping down. As the Post reports:

A House GOP official said that Hastert, fighting to save his job, will take responsibility for the unfolding scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., but will insist that he will stay on as leader of House Republicans at a news conference scheduled later in Batavia, Ill.

So, let's see--he stands up, mouths a few words, and presto! All fixed!

In a real government, people resonsible for things quit or are fired (except, of course, in Republican world, no one gets fired for doing something wrong. They get awarded Medals of Freedom).

It's such posturing--it's the meaningless acceptance of blame with zero consequences. Well done Republicans.


McGuire said...

You mean like when CLinton committed perjury & obstructed justice & got away with it. You guys were all for letting him getting away with criminal behaviour. Spare me the hypocrisy

BTW, the reason why I am attacking you for thyis is b/c a) Hastert should resign. B) b/c of the Foley affair & many other things, the House GOP need to be defeated in order for them to reconnect with the principles that put them in power 12 years ago.

Unlike you i'm no hypocrite, the opposite actually. I hold my own kind to a higher standard.

Dean P said...

As far as I can tell, he was held accountable--the House impeached him, the Senate tried him, and didn't end up convicting.

And please, I'm not one of those Dems who blindly supports the Dems. In fact, I wasn't a) a citizen or b) a resident at the time.