Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Even probable terrorists have rights--in some countries.

This is a welcome ruling. Basically, the Federal Court of Canada said that even for someone who might be a terrorist, his fundamental right not to be tortured was paramount, and if the Government wanted to deport him, it had to deport him somewhere where he wouldn't be tortured.

Thank god we've not subscribed to the alternate view that others embrace.


Anonymous said...

Uh - Oh

Perhaps Harper should have sucked it up and apologized before Arar could sue Canada's ass off for more, eh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking this one up.
It's gratifying knowing UN-LAWS, don't rule this country as they apparently do in the UsA.
So now the question becomes: how do we deal with a dangerous man? It will take a man considerably smarter than Harper to figure this one out.