Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Is there no depth

. . . to which the Right won't sink.

Some of you may have read my post on Michael J. Fox's recent ad. Well, apparently Rush Limbaugh thinks he's acting.

This is an ad where Fox is clearly showing the signs of Parkinsons--And Limbaugh thinks it's "shameless" because he's either "acting" or "forgot to take his medication."

Wrong, asshole. The symptoms of Parkinsons include stiffness--thus the shaking is caused by TAKING the medication, not skipping it. Get a clue on symptoms, jerk, before you go making assinine comments.

And for him to suggest that Fox is just acting--well, I won't comment. It's such an idiotic statement that it speaks for itself.


knb said...

I think, idiot Limbaugh has since somewhat taken back his comment, only to shift it to more sleaze, and that is that he, (Fox) is exploiting his own condition, for cheap political purposes.

Since when did exposing real issues, during an election campaign, become exploitation? Oh, I forgot, since the Rove/Bush team took control.

The saddest thing about this, I think, is just how many people lap up every word this lunatic utters. His audience is huge and the fact that they believe he speaks fact, is truly astonishing...frightening perhaps.

Sadder still, Limbaugh just spawned an entirely new group of bigots that will go after Fox and everyone afflicted by this dreaded disease and others, who support stem cell research.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Christopher Reeves was made a "hero", but Michael J. Fox is attacked....hmmm...

If he's exploiting his condition then so are all the television ads showing kids as cancer victims, kids that are abused by alcholic parents, etc. I think people generally think parkinsons is a disease of old people and don't think it's important.

I say go for it Michael J. Fox - everyone deserves hope.