Monday, April 03, 2006

So apparently the Dubya administration, attempting to somehow further excuse its ineptitude in losing a city and then in not being able to help it recover, thinks that it might take 25 years to recover in New Orleans.

Twenty-five years? Excuse me?

This from the Administration that can't stop blathering on about America being the land of opportunity, that thinks we can put a man on Mars, that talks about prosperity and the ability of Americans to do great things.

I'm sorry. Berlin was 89% flat at the end of the Second World War. With regard to Nuremberg, in the words of William Shirer, "Nuremberg is gone!" Dresden, Leipzig, Coventry, huge swathes of London. Yet somehow it didn't take 25 years for people to get back and get moving in these cities. What about the destruction of Halifax? You didn't hear Borden saying, "Oh yeah, it's going to be a quarter century before we can use this city again."

What sort of can't-do government is the Bush admin?

ps the Borden link is really worth clicking on.

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