Monday, April 03, 2006

Pundit Hair Watch

At long last, the At Issue panel returns, and so does this corner's critical analysis of the media's most defining attribute: their hair. Onwards...

Andrew Coyne, David Whathisname, and our dear Chantal Hebert. So let's get to the main issue at stake: Chantal's hair. Verdict: If it's raining in Montreal like it is in Toronto...well...the humidity has not been kind.

The panel talked about the new government, it being the first day back for Parliament. Andrew Coyne said that this government's mantra will be substance over style, stick to the agenda, don't let the opposition take it over.

Chantal countered that it isn't throne speeches that define governments, it is crises. She said the government can't be judged until then.

David Whoeverheis said that at this piont, Harper's government has dealt with crises (admittedly minor) far better than Martin's ever did, citing various foreign policy issues.

Next question from Mansbridge was on who to watch. Coyne said Flaherty in Finance, Maxime Bernier and the evolution of federalism in Quebec, and Jim Prentice, the latter being on a lot of committees.

Chantal said the Opposition will be after the weak points. Translation: Stockwell Day, and Emerson with his liabilities. She also said that a lot of journalists on the Hill are looking to see how Rona Ambrose fares, the new It-Girl of Canadian Politics. Perhaps Mackay will date her....

On the life of the government:
David Forgothisname said it will last so long as the Liberals are looking for a leader. And that when it falls, it will be by Harper's doing.

Coyne agreed, giving the government 2 years at least.

Chantal pointed out that Quebec and Ontario are approaching provincial elections. There won't be a federal election anywhere near those dates.

Good thing, because if we're going to be seeing more of Chantal, she needs to invest in some industrial frizz control.

Final Conclusion: I'll give David Missedhisname the nod, if only because he wore a leather jacket on air.


Joan Tintor said...

FYI, Rona Ambrose is married.

Mike B said...

Oops, I knew that. My bad.

So who is Peter going to date then?