Monday, April 17, 2006

Babylon, destroyed

This story is depressing. Not only did we fail to plan for post-war Iraq (other than getting ready to hand out flags for all the happy Iraqis to wave), but when we got there, we didn't really care about all them old thangs that might get broked in the process.

Somehow, this seems to me to be the constant theme of this Administration: we can break it, but we can't build it. We have great destructive power, but no creative power.

We can bomb Iraq back into the stone age, but can't create a stable society there.

We talk of bombing Iran, but our diplomacy there is moribund.

So - whenever you hear some jingo going on about how America is the strongest country in the world, ask what he means. To me, the ability to ruin something is not power. It may be strength, but it is not power.

To paraphrase Trudeau (only cos I can't find the quote), a nation can be great by the strenth of its heart and the breadth of its mind.

But the wanton, thoughtless destruction of humanity's heritage is not greatness, and neither is it power.

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