Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What is up with the baseball cap?

Okay, this picture is just ridiculous. I mean, here Abramoff is, going to court, and getting lucky and getting the minimum sentence, and he thinks that the suit-with-baseball cap look is styling?

We saw his mafioso pic and he looked pretty lame in that. But really, trying to dress like a 20s Mafia don is infinitely preferable to a double-breasted suit (bad) with an orange, pink and purple tie (worse), a bad knot for such a wide collar, and a plain beige baseball cap (ultimate sin).

Republicans really just suck. I mean, not only are they busy bankrupting us, engaging us in random wars for no real reason, making the world more unsafe through breaking the NPT treaty, losing major cities to hurricanes and things (side note: you thought the response in red-state Louisiana was bad - imagine what would happen if The Big One hit LA?), kicking out Mexicans (but who will clean their houses?) - they're also promoting bad fashion.

Can someone tell Abramoff that really, the 20-year old frat boy look isn't really appropriate, even for skeezy criminal lobbyists?


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