Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Seal Pups

I'm really over this Pop-Star hysteria over the seal hunt.

People lament the killing of these cute, cuddly little seals. This particular writer in the star complains that the seals killed are all under two years of age.

And? They aren't toddlers. It isn't the tragic story of lives cut short, of prosaic days of seal-y lounging on the beach, looking cute and fluffy, with Sam the Seal cavorting with his oceanic friends, going on adventurs with Shamu and Bob the Polar Bear.

Come on. They're animals. The problem is they're so damn cute and fluffy (of course, they aren't killed when they're whitecoats, but people seem to forget that.)

No one objects to the daily slaughter of cows, pigs, and sheep. No one really complains that my yummy steak was from a 2-year old cow. God, last week I ate 20 chicken wings with a few pints of beer. 10 chickens died to make my snack (and I thank them for their sacrifice). How many protestors are out there picketing the French Embassy in communion with the countless slimy frogs and snails that go into French snacking?

My roommate in college studied genetics, and used to perform all sorts of unspeakable mutations on fruit flies - you know, eyes growing on their legs, wings growing out of their butts, that sort of thing - but never did you see Paul McCartney protesting that!

Either you are against the hunting/killing/mutating of animals, or you are not. You can't pick and choose just because a seal pup is a hell of a lot cuter than a lungfish.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I will try to remain civil. Now after reading your (usually decent blog) and that absolute moron Mark Watton's blog wherein he too supports the wholesale slaughter of harp seal pups, I have been stirred into a response. I chose to respond to your blog instead of that dung heap of blog run by Watton, because I do not want to in any way endorse the consumption of Watton's immature, blathering, self-serving bullshit.

Sorry, back to my main point.

I cannot believe that we as a society have gotten to this point. Nobody gives a shit about the environment anymore. Nobody cares for animals anymore. Nobody seems to care about the fact that yes, mass farming techniques are both cruel to animals and extremely bad for the environment.

But all of this is beside the real point of my response.

At least the chickens you ate went to filling your stomach.

The thousands of defenseless seal pups that are slaughtered are stripped of their skins often while they are still alive. And what for? So some self-infatuated stinkhole of a human being can wear some fur. The rest of the seal is often left to rot.

That is the problem. Your chicken wings aren't vanity items.

This is like eating a live monkey's brain. Why do it other that to serve some banal desire to jerk yourself off.

This type of activity should be repulsive to any and all individuals that care about the existence and well-being of other creatures.

The fact is people eat meat. Farms exist to provide meat. It is unfortunate but justifiable.

The seal slaughter exists because rich assholes want to wear fur period.

Think about it some more before you chose to support something like this.