Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Absolute barbarians.

And I'm not talking about terrorists (though they are too).

I'm talking about Americans. This link will take you to Salon.com, which has published some 200+ photos from Abu Ghraib. (VERY VERY DISTURBING)

Now, we know that Bush blames it on his underlings. And those underlings, ignoring the principles of command responsibility, blame it on their underlings. Et cetera.

Meanwhile, the American public yawns. So what. They were terrorists? They're foreigners. They wanted to hurt the USA. They aren't Christian.

The existence, and the toleration, of Abu Ghraib is a blot on America. If the nation rose up in anger, if the people who tortured, and every single person up the chain of command were also held to count for this, it would be one thing.

But America's complete apathy, the lack of any punishment, is a damning indictment not only of American government but also of the American people.


Anonymous said...

Great post!

So why don't the Democrats support Feingold's motion for censure?

With so many illegal acts under his belt censure would be like a tap on the wrist for Bush.

While I don't think anyone would support the torture and inhumane treatment that Hussein inflicted on the Iraqi people, he is starting to look pretty good when compared to the Americans when it comes to keeping Iraq in some form of civil order.

Come to think of it, between Bush Jr. and his daddy, not to mention Rumsfeld and Cheney, these four guys have probably killed 10 times the number of Iraqis that Saddam killed during his reign of terror.

How about getting some figures on that. Maybe the American people should get an accurate comparison at some point along their path to complete illegitimacy.

To start check out this site:


Censure Bush. It is the least you guys can do to show the world you care.

Anonymous said...

the horror of seeing underwear on someones head oh the humanity.You are a clown.

Dean P said...

To the commentor who called me a clown, in that it's just underwear on someone's head - you probably just looked at one of the pictures. Try scrolling throuhg all of them.

But then, that's the kind of myopia we expect from right wingers.