Saturday, March 11, 2006

The GG is my queen

I have always thought Canada is best served as a monarchy. We have an apolitical head of state, someone who isn't loathed by over half the population, who doesn't need to pander to a base or anything nonsensical like that, who has no real power but stands there as the living embodiment of the Canadian state. I believe in the oath of allegiance, I believe in the Crown, and most importantly, I LOVE our last two Governors General.

This editorial, which I copy in full below, from today's Globe, is an example of why. When Dubya goes and "emotes," it's cynical at best, shallow and fake at worst. It always has a political goal. Same, to be honest, with our PM, and with any elected official. But when Her Excellency speaks, you can believe in what she's saying. Read on:

'It happens to so many families, we have to realize. And being silent about it is not a good thing to do. I think part of the solution is to speak out . . . about it, and make it known."

The speaker was Governor-General Michaƫlle Jean, talking this week of domestic abuse and the need to let those who are suffering it know they are not alone. She went further. She told of her own experience as "a little girl who saw her father strike her mother. My younger sister and I lived with the anguish that all children feel when the family unit breaks down."

In her case, the husband left and the smaller family unit went through hardship. But Ms. Jean's very presence showed that triumph can come from adversity, and she had a further message: that her violent father had eventually renounced his violence. Those who have suffered in silence with abuse have been reminded that this is not some anomaly they must live with -- that the problem cuts through all layers of society, and that those who are abused should not hesitate to seek help. The Governor-General has been there, and has borne public witness.

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s.b. said...

Yes the last two Govenor's General have been exemplary of all the office should be. They are both fantastic choices.

People who criticize the GG don't appreciate that this office holds state dinners and serves in a diplomatic role rather than the wife of the president in the United States. Someone's wife or husband should never be a part of a leadership race or election because of their marriage.

The office of the GG serves an indisposable role for our country. Great post.