Sunday, August 12, 2007

More on the draft

So some others are discussing the possible consequences of having a draft. Riots in the streets, eh?

Well, I should hope so. But it shows how pathetic people are. No riots in the streets when other people's children were at risk--and, indeed, those of us who were against the war from day 1 were labeled traitors and unpatriotic and accused of wanting to let the "terrorists" win--but then when there's a chance that our own children (or even we ourselves) might get sent to war, well, then we'd have riots.

People suck.

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Anonymous said...

They should have a mini-draft - children and extended families of only those republicans that support the war.

Barbara and Jenna would look cute in a uniform eh? How about Romney's strapping "5" boys - of course after they do their duty to their country by helping daddy get elected.