Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Making excuses for stupidity

Okay. The Today Show brought that stupid girl from South Carolina on today to excuse her idiot performance. She was "nervous" and "overwhelmed" and she "only heard a few words of the question." And the hosts are being all nice, "oh we say dumb things too" and "aren't you great for coming on to laugh at yourself."


First, if you didn't hear the question, you could have just asked to have it repeated.

And I don't care how damn nervous you are--you can still cobble together some kind of coherent response, instead of standing up there "like, such as, like, such as, and so forth, with the Iraq."

Every word out of her bimbo mouth dripped stupidity and vapidness.

Sometimes, people are just stupid. Plain and simple. Dumb. A waste of space. Fit for menial labour. And that's it. We shouldn't be falling over ourselves to make excuses for their braindeadness.

Nervous, my ass. She won Ms. Teen South Carolina. She clearly had a coach who told her "make sure you mention Iraq and make sure you mention helping the world." Had she been asked "what is your favourite colour" we probably would have gotten the same sort of answer.

And nervousness doesn't even begin to excuse the obvious dumbness--like "some people don't have maps" and "the Iraq."

Stupid. Blonde. Vacuous. And that's it.

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Canadian Tar Heel said...

Hey "puppy kicker",

Funny, but mean. Well, the post was funny, because it was mean.