Monday, June 04, 2007

Hockey Nationalism

Okay. I was at Game 1 of the Stanely Cup finals in Anaheim (it cost a small fortune, but totally worth it). One of the best sporting experiences of my life--lots of energy, very fun, fans into it, and even good hockey (with the Senators being totally out-shot, out-skated, and out-played by the Ducks.)

However. The Anthems. First, my stepdad and I joined the other 20 or so Ottawa fans in belting out Oh Canada.

And then came the Star Spangled Banner. People put their hands on their heart, but only a few people sang. Nothing like this:

If anyone ever says that Canadians are less patriotic than Americans, or that people across the country, in the face of idiot provincial parochialism by the likes of Harris and Klien, are not at all committed to the continued existence of Canada, take them to a hockey game.

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